When Robots Rebel

A novel by Ted Franks

Laloose Aiigo Boogi Klooi Vagoo
Chapter One

A day in the life of a Martian monastery.

Chapter Two

A robot is missing.

Chapter Three

Fun at the swap meet.

Chapter Four

The police pay a visit.

Chapter Five

A funeral for a friend.

Chapter Six

A picnic with a movie star.

Chapter Seven

NIMBUS on two legs.

Chapter Eight

In cahoots.

Chapter Nine

Dr. Frankenstein and the monster.

Chapter Ten

The monks drink brandy.

Chapter Eleven

An unexpected pause.

Chapter Twelve

Dr. Moonspanker and the chef.

Chapter Thirteen

A sandstorm strikes Poowhi.

Chapter Fourteen

A hunting we will go.

Chapter Fifteen


Chapter Sixteen

Mischief in the mausoleum.

Chapter Seventeen

Dr. Night's invisible net.

This novel is a work in progress so you're welcome to give me suggestions on how to improve something or let me know what parts of the story you like or dislike.

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